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Ben Dover is an up and coming Comedy Music Artist. After the passing of his improv and music partner Kerry (cirrhosis of the liver and transplant failure) Ben decided that life was too short to not put himself out there. And thus, Ben Dover was created. Ben is a multi talented instrumentalist and lyricist and has been playing and performing for more than 15 years. He produced, wrote, and recorded his first album "Ladies and Gentlemen, Ben Dover" in 2021. During the covid pandemic he would perform improv comedy on streaming websites and eventually take some of the ideas given by the audience and turn them into full fledged comedy songs. With comedy influences like Dave Chappelle, Bo Burnham, Flight of the Conchords, Tenacious D, South Park and many more he has taken his own brand and take on comedy to create subjects and ideas that some may find crude and some find being completely honest while staying true to form. With his first album just being the tip of the iceberg, be prepared for many more albums and many many more laughs over the years to come!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Ben Dover



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